Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters

Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters in your Community!

Helping Our FN Community

We serve our First Nation Communities in Manitoba by offering many services to both young and old.


MANFF visits First Nation Community Schools helping educate our children in fire safety and have safety plans on how to deal with a possible fire in their household.

"It has really helped our home become a better place to live without having to worry about safety."

Visiting schools is only one of the many steps that we take in order to help our community members. 


MANFF goes a step further by offering training to pre-existing firefighters or a community member that is working as a volunteer firefighter.

  1. Level 1 Firefightrer, training at the entry level on becoming a firefighter.
  2. Fire Extinguisher Training, how to handle and use fire extinguishers.
  3. First Aid, training in first aid spans many ages and trains individuals on dealing with accidents.

MANFF also offers many other courses to individual communities, leaders and others (see our training section).

Emergency Management

MANFF also offers communities with Emergency Plans with guidance on dealing with disasters such as Flood, Fire, and other Natural Disasters and the importance of Recovery. 

We appreciate the opportunities that are given to our youth and the rewards of them giving back to the Community.
— R. Brookes

Along with Safety, MANFF also conducts a Poster Contest which is open to all First Nation schools. This contest gives back to the Community by offering:

  • Prizes.
  • Recognition.
  • Fun and excitement. 

Our Yearly Firefighter Competition offers our First Nation Firefighters a chance to compete agains other communities in the Region with the winners going to represent our Province at the National Competition.